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Let us not forget to do good and share with others (Hebrews 13:16).  Join one of our "For Woodford" Initiatives.  Let us carry each other's burdens.  Let us serve the vulnerable, the lonely, and the sick.

1.Collecting Donations – Woodford County Food Pantry 

Have extra that you can share? Wondering what items are most in need? Willing to engage your neighborhood to support the local food pantry? Get connected with our local food pantry partners to support your community.

  • Items specifically requested:

    • Pork and Beans

    • Canned Fruit

    • Canned Peas & Canned Mixed Vegetables

    • Assorted Canned Vegetables – beets, asparagus, sauerkraut, green, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens

    • Canned Great Northern Beans

  • Contact Persons: Rob & Courtney Williams –

2. Food Insecurity – Woodford County Schools Backpack Bags Program

Volunteer to help pack or distribute food with one of our school partners.

3. High Risk Individuals 

Run errands for those who are at High Risk because of age or underlying health factors; delivering groceries/medications to the front porch as you wave through the window.

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4. Prayer

Pray individually over requests as well as corporately through weekly online prayer huddles. Serving on this team can be done entirely at home.

8. Physical Needs

Many individuals in our community have needs such as painting, plumbing, yard work or other simple home repairs

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